DN — (English Internationalized Domain Names — Internationalized Domain Names) are domain names that contain symbols of national alphabets.

Due to technical restrictions, domain names cannot contain non-Latin characters, therefore, to circumvent this limitation, special standards RFC 3490, RFC 3491, RFC 3492 and RFC 3454 have been developed, according to which such names are necessarily converted into a set of English letters, numbers and hyphens, and before a special prefix is written with such a transformed name «xn--»... This conversion is called Punycode. It allows you to encode names in national alphabets with ASCII characters.

The conversion process is handled by the client's browser. Therefore, entering into the browser line «exampleistest» and «xn--e1afmkfd.xn--80akhbyknj4f» — for modern browsers, this is the same thing (for old ones, only the second option will work). Only the second option is stored in the DNS server databases. In fact, internationalized domain names are aliases for names beginning with «xn--».