Service quality guarantee


For hosting services and VPS, we guarantee the following values of quality indicators of work:

1. Average percentage of equipment availability for the month is not less than 99.9%.

2. Average % of packet loss per month not more than 0.5%.

3. Accident reaction time:

    • Time of reaction and complete fixing of critical failure for the service is not more than 12 hours.
    • Time of reaction and complete fixing of failures, which do not affect the services work, not more than 1 day.

4. We periodically do scheduled engineering work on our own servers and routers. We guarantee the time of such works from 00:30 to 07:30 Kiev time. We will do our best to notify you of scheduled works at least 5 days in advance of the scheduled works.

5. The reaction time of the technical support to a received request is no more than 4 hours. The response from the technical support should contain the expected solution time of the request, or confirmation of the problem's fixing.

6. In cases where the quality of web server's network will differ from the indicators given in pp. 1-5, you have the right to demand compensation as a percentage of the monthly fee according to the table below, but not more than 100% of the monthly fee, and not more often than once a calendar month.

At the downtime of the service according to p. 1

99.0% to 100% - 0%

97.9% to 98.9% - 5%

95% to 97.8% - 10%

90% to 94.9% - 25%

89.9% and less - 60%

Compensation is not paid to the requisites of customers, and can only be credited to an internal account in the billing system.

*- It means availability of network equipment and servers where hosting and VPS are located. Scheduled technical work does not count as downtime.

Let's give an example for clarity.

You paid for the Expert SSD tariff plan for 6 months. From the moment we published the message that there was a problem in the operation of the server where your sites are located, until the notification from us that everything was "repaired", 17 hours passed. Referring to item 1, we can make calculations:

1) We calculate as a percentage how many hours we take as 1%: initial data: 1 month - 31 days, 24 hours - 31X24 = 744 hours, where1% = 7,44 
2) Calculate the percentage of downtime at 17 hours: 17 / 7.44 = 2.3% - time
3) We subtract 2.3% of downtime from 100% uptime, which gives us an interval of 95% to 97.8%, where the compensation amount is 10%:
initial data: Expert SSD tariff for 6 months = UAH 1,303 **, where 1 month = UAH 217.17
Thus, the amount of compensation by the company to the client will beUAH 21.72
** - the data is current as of 05/25/2017 and is subject to change