Removal and auto-renewal policy

Domain name registration term
Domain names are registered for fixed periods of time. To continue using a domain name, the registrant must pay for the renewal before the registration expiration date. Renewal is available throughout the entire domain registration period, provided that after renewal the maximum registration period set by the administrator of the corresponding zone is not exceeded. Renewal is carried out at the price that will be in effect at the time of renewal and may differ from the price in force at the time of the initial domain registration.
If the automatic renewal option is not enabled for a domain, registration expiration notices are sent to the domain registrant's contact email address starting 30 days before the end of the registration period. Failure to receive the notification does not relieve the registrant of the obligation to renew the domain name in a timely manner.
On the day of the expiration of the domain registration period, it is transferred to the Client Hold status and is excluded from DNS (the site, e-mail and other services stop working). If technically feasible and supported by the zone administrator, we may, but are not required to, provide the registrant with an additional “grace period” to renew the domain after the registration period expires. The grace period is usually 27 days long (it may be different or not in different zones). After the expiration of the grace period, the domain is deleted. With this in mind, to avoid unintentional domain deletion, we recommend that you renew your domain names in advance.
Redemption Grace Period
Some domain zone administrators provide the ability to restore a domain after its deletion during the so-called Redemption Grace Period, which is usually 30 days. The cost of restoration during this period is usually much higher than the usual cost of renewal and is indicated on the page
If the domain has not been restored during the Redemption Grace Period, the possibility of renewal is blocked and after 5 days the domain becomes available for re-registration.
Automatic renewal
By default, automatic renewal of domains and other services is disabled. To use this function, you must activate it on the page 
If auto-renewal of a domain is enabled 10 days before the expiration of its registration period, it will be renewed for 1 year, the payment for this operation is debited from the client's personal balance in an amount equal to the current cost of renewal in the corresponding zone. If the amount on the balance is not enough to renew the domain, a notification is sent to the registrant and further the domain is processed as if auto-renewal had been disabled.
Special circumstances
The registrar reserves the right not to delete a domain after the expiration of the registration period in the following cases: if there is a dispute under the UDRP procedure, by a court decision, if the renewal process fails, if the domain is used as a name server for third parties, if the registrant is going through bankruptcy proceedings, if disputes regarding the receipt or amount of payment, if the domain is the subject of legal proceedings, in other circumstances approved by ICANN.
For domain names that are registered through partners, the partner removal policies and procedures apply. We recommend that you transfer your domain to us for direct service in order to eliminate the influence of this factor. You can transfer your domain to direct service when you renew it.