Domain zone .FORUM

Inspire communication in the .FORUM domain zone

  • Create "knowledge base" for their clients.
  • Increase customer loyalty through interactive communication.
  • Get feedback from customers through the forum.
  • Create corporate forms for communication within the company.

75% of well-known brands support their online communities.

According to surveys of brands that have forums or online communities note:

  • 72% - thanks to the unique information on the forums, site traffic increases.
  • 57% improve SEO.
  • 66% increase customer retention.
  • 88% - improved customer service.
  • 55% - increase sales.
  • 78% - improvement of goods and services.
  • 67% - increase in the number "leads".
  • 58% - increase in customer loyalty.

76% of Internet users participate in forums and online communities.

Forum user surveys in 2020 and 2021 showed:

  • 75% of users rely on information from forums for a quick response.
  • 47% of visitors study trademark information on forums.
  • 30% of users do not trust information from social networks, while twice as many users trust information from forums.
  • The current generation trusts the content of forums no less than news resources.

70% of employees believe that corporate forums enhance corporate culture.

In several surveys conducted in 2021, among employees of companies that use corporate forums, it was noted:

  • 77% believe that using a corporate forum improves work efficiency.
  • 49% - improved communications.
  • 54% - the use of forums helps to bring positive changes to the company.
  • 52% - growth of innovations.
  • 59% - forums have a direct impact on achieving business goals.

History of changes in the .FORUM domain zone:

April 12, 2023

.FORUM domain zone administrator - Internet Naming Co. announced a reduction in prices for domains. Previously, a domain in this zone could be registered by paying more than $1000, now the price will fall to the market level within $35-50. The price reduction will affect not only new registrations, but also those made earlier.

Also, on April 12, 2023, reserved domains that were previously unavailable, including one and two-letter domains, will become available.

The price reduction will not affect premium domains, which are divided into 8 categories with prices from $100 to $10,000 for registration and renewal.

Changes in the domain zone will take place in stages until May 17 (sunrise presales, sunrise, early access period). During this time, it will be possible to buy domains at a special price, which is significantly higher than the retail price for a domain and consists of $500 up $20000. On May 17, domains that were not purchased during this period will become public and can be registered at the retail price.

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