RDAP Terms of Service

RDAP is a service designed to obtain registration data about domain name registrants, IP addresses and websites, which is a Registration Data Access Protocol. More information about this is posted here: https://www.icann.org/rdap.
Using the services of the RDAP service on the sites of LLC «Hosting.XYZ LTD », You give your full and unambiguous consent to the terms Privacy policy along with LLC Subscribers «Hosting.XYZ LTD », and you agree to strictly abide by this Privacy Policy and these Terms.
Any information that you receive through the RDAP service is provided to you only as it is ("as is"). We do not guarantee the accuracy of the data you receive when using the RDAP service.
You are not allowed to abuse the data obtained from the RDAP service, violate the requirements of the law, or the rights and legitimate interests of LLC «Hosting.XYZ LTD » and third parties whose data you receive. In particular, this service is only intended to be accessed based on individual requests.
The RDAP service is implemented for experimental purposes only (testing the RDAP service), therefore information obtained through it should not be relied upon as being completely accurate and reliable and should not be used for any other purpose. By applying to obtain data through the use of the RDAP service, you agree to these terms. You are expressly prohibited from receiving, storing or using information obtained through RDAP for advertising or other commercial purposes, as well as to massively request and receive information through the launch of automatic and robotic electronic processes.
You warrant that you will only use the information you receive through the RDAP service for lawful purposes. Otherwise, you will be legally liable for failure to comply with these conditions.
Receiving personal data of users through the RDAP service does not give you the right to own, use and dispose of the specified data on behalf of the subjects of the relevant personal data or its owner otherwise than according to the procedures provided for by current legislation.
Ltd «Hosting.XYZ LTD » reserves the right to receive, collect and store information about requests that enter the RDAP database in order to detect and prevent violations of these terms, including automated requests, as well as to suppress such requests. At the same time, OOO «Hosting.XYZ LTD » has the right to restrict or deny access to data through the RDAP service if we suspect that any of these conditions are not met. Any such termination will be automatic, without warning or notice.
Ltd «Hosting.XYZ LTD » reserves the right to revise these Terms at any time.