How to choose a domain name

We bring to your attention a few simple rules, following which you can easily choose a name for your future site.

Domain name should be short

Brevity - if you can achieve it - is important for several reasons. The short name is easier to place in the logo, it is best suited for brand development, is easier to remember and, in addition, the probability of a spelling error in the short name is minimal. A long name is not good, unless you strive to ensure that your company name fully matches the domain.

Domain name should be easy to remember

You remember names like and, but you also don't forget unusual names like,, and Unexpected word combinations not only sound funny, but are also very effective. Rhymed like in FogDog, rhythmic repetition of consonants like in Google, or melodic combinations like WilsonWeb make the domain name easy to remember.
Whatever your domain name is, it should leave its mark on memory.

A good domain cannot be confused with another

Desperate to find a suitable domain name, we resort to tricks such as hyphens and dashes, replacing the extension with, adding "the" before a standard name such as Confusion is created. If you repeat the eternal over and over again: "I dictate: my", you will very soon regret including the dash in your domain at all. Do your best to find a name that cannot be confused with any other.

It's hard to make a mistake in a good domain name

If there is even the smallest chance of confusing letters in your domain name, then this will certainly happen. The longer and more complex the domain name, the more difficult it is for your clients to type it correctly. To begin with, many of them type extremely poorly, so the need to search for the required letters on the keyboard for a long time simply scares them away.

A good domain name clearly describes your business.

And this is quite understandable. It is best if your domain can be easily inferred from your company name. But don't stop looking for the perfect name if you can't find a domain that accurately describes your occupation. Choose a functional name, or a name that reveals your uniqueness, conveys a certain emotional attitude.

A good domain name is clear to your target audience

With all the vast number of domain names already registered, there is a growing market for .cc, .ws, .tv, and .to domains (all of these extensions are owned by the tiny Cocos Islands, (Western) Samoa, Tuvalu and Tonga respectively). The problem is that the public (at least in the US) is used to .com extensions, or at least .net (while .net and .org are not so popular). Outlandish domain names sound… outlandish and suspicious. Should there ever be a new wave of extensions like .shop and .web, they could become quite popular and gradually gain a respectable place on the Internet, in contrast to various kinds of .cc or .ws. However, if you are doing your business in France, you should avoid the .com extension and look for a name ending in the proud .fr. Only what is consistent with the unspoken rules of the area in which your company is located sounds professional and confident.