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Ukraine's first fully automated hosting and domain name registration service. A feature of hosting is the complete automation of all processes associated not only with the registration of domains and hosting, but also with the complete automation of the operation of servers and hosting personnel. Due to the logic embedded in the software, we have achieved the highest speed and quality of services, all services work stably and without failures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Domains are registered within a minute, hosting is activated immediately after the order. All payments are processed automatically, regardless of how they were paid - through a bank, iBox terminal or Visa / MasterCard. Through the control panel, you can manage all the services yourself, without the need to contact technical support. And the presence of an API that covers 99% of the functionality of the control panel allows you to automate work with our services.


- 1999–2009 — development of business automation applications.

- 2004 - hosting was launched for our own projects and client sites. Received accreditation in Ukrainian domain zones.

- 2006 - launch of public hosting.

- 2008 - transition to the ukraine.com.ua domain, start of promotion of hosting services.

- 2010 - the number of servers providing hosting services exceeded 100 pieces.

- 2013 - the first data center for 28 server racks with an estimated capacity of 240 kW.

- 2015 — obtaining ICANN accreditation.

- 2017 - the first stage of a new data center with a capacity of 330 kW.

- 2020 - the number of servers exceeded 1000 pieces.

- 2021 - the second server room with a capacity of 350 kW.

- 2021 - technical specifications for connecting 1 MW of electricity for the construction of a data center in a new location in Kiev were received.

Corporate data center of the Hosting.XYZ LTD company, Kiev.

Hosting benefits. Hosting "Ukraine" is based on software that no other Ukrainian hosting company has. We have made efforts to ensure that the user can control the maximum of server parameters. Only our users can fine-tune hosting, set up each site. We do not limit users to single PHP settings. For each site, you can configure the PHP settings that are needed for the management system that you use. Our hosting is suitable for any project, whether it is written in WordPress, Joomla!, OpenCart, MODX, Drupal, PrestaShop and other CMS.

In 2009, we introduced site migration between servers without stopping their work. This gave us the opportunity to carry out technical work on the equipment without downtime for sites, as we easily migrate them between servers. And also move sites between countries and continents without stopping their work.

To effectively filter HTTP flooding, we have developed an analytical system that effectively filters out unwanted bots. We block UDP flooding at the router level; to combat SYN flooding, we use a server farm that can process tens of millions of packets per second.

Hosting payment. We offer our customers a wide range of payment methods for hosting, ranging from non-cash payments through a bank and payment system through iBox machines to instant payment systems and payment by Visa/MasterCard cards. Hosting payment is fully automated, all payments, regardless of how they are made, are processed automatically. You do not have to send receipts for payment by email or call and ask if the money has arrived or not, as soon as the money arrives at us at any time of the day or night, our software will see it and activate the services that you paid for.

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